Tomioka Racing

Tomika Racing based out of Wilmington Delaware specializes in performance modifications for the Subaru Market which include upgraded turbochargers, exhaust systems, fuel system upgrades, as well as chassis and suspension modifications among others. Tomioka uses the latest in technology with sources to cutting edge tools and manufacturing methods to create innovative upgrades that are reliable and will deliver performance. Today, Tomioka Racing continues to expand their product catalog with cutting-edge products that will enhance the power, performance, and overall driving experience of your vehicle.

Tomioka Racing has also expanded further into the JDM and Euro markets by adding products for Mitsubishi EVO, Toyota Supra, VW Golf GTI/R, BMW N54 SEMA Winning Twin Turbo Kit and much more.

Tomioka Racing Turbos, Engine Components, Exhaust & Drivetrain Components

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