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LVVTA Certification

LVVTA Certification is also referred to as a ‘cert’, certification, vehicle certification or LVV certification.

An important part of preparing a Race or Performance car is keeping it legal and safe. We work alongside a WOF provider, Motorsport NZ and an LVVTA Certifier.

LVVTA Standards

Certification is required to pass a WOF after most significant modification are carried out to a car. More information surrounding LVVTA regulations can be found on the LVVTA website. If you require any clarification, you can also Contact our expert team today.

Common Modification requiring a cert

The following is a list of common modifications that require a certification, however it is not complete and the LVVTA website should be consulted for more in-depth information.

  • Adjustable suspension (coil-overs)
  • Adjustable suspension arms
  • Air-bag removal
  • Turbo charging or supercharging a naturally aspirated vehicle
  • Engine conversion
  • Increase in power by greater than 20%
  • Wheel and Tyre modification outside of factory specifications

Booking an LVVTA Certification

The PBMS LVVTA Certifying partner prefers to come to the PBMS premises, making use of our facility to aid the vehicle checks. Standard checks take place on Wednesdays and typically require bookings of 3 weeks notice.

A Standard modified car LVVTA Certification is $632.50

This may vary with the level of modification. Contact us to book your LVVTA certification.

LVVTA Certification repair

To ensure vehicle road safety the LVVTA has strict standards. Remedial work is commonly required after a cert inspection. The PBMS team are experienced in cert repair work and are happy to help.