Stage 6 Power Package | BP/BL Legacy | 2.0L Turbo Auto/Tiptronic

Want to produce some solid power in your BP5 / BL5 Turbo Legacy?

The Stage 6 Power Package unlocks all the potential of a factory engine and turbocharger!

A Stage 6 Upgrade Package is a versatile package that will allow you to produce the most power you safely can on a stock-turbocharger equipped engine whilst paving the way for further upgrades. 

GR/GV WRX STI Stage 6 Power Package Includes:  

  • PBMS High-flow downpipe
  • Invidia Q300 Cat-back exhaust with Stainless Steel Tips
  • High-flow Raceworks in-tank fuel pump & Genuine Subaru replacement fuel filter
  • Process West Cold Air Intake w/ K&N Filter 
  • Process West Top Mount Intercooler Kit with Black Intercooler Core (can be optioned with Silver intercooler core by special request)
  • Perrin Turbo Intake Pipe - Black (can be optioned in Red or Blue by special request)
  • IAG Silver CNC Top Feed TGV Housings (can be optioned in Black or Gold by special request)
  • Injector Dynamics ID1050X Subaru Injector Kit
  • Radium top-feed fuel rail conversion kit
  • Complete part fitting by PBMS Motorsport Technician
  • PBMS Tune Package (Custom to suit your vehicle, find out more details on Performance Dyno Tuning)
  • Dyno Graph print out including Pre-tuned & PBMS Tune Package power figures
  • PBMS Air-Pump delete kit (Standard Delete, click here for more information) 

How does the Stage 6 Power Package increase power?

The Stage 6 Upgrade package increases power by removing all intake & exhaust restrictions, maximising air and gas flow to safely produce significantly more power & torque.

The addition of a front mount intercooler helps to consistently cool the heated air produced by the turbocharger, even as the stock turbine is pushed towards the limits and the temperatures climb.

At the power level this package targets, the factory intake, exhaust, intercooler and TGVs are a significant restriction so are upgraded to make the most power the engine safely can. 

The factory Subaru Tune is programmed to run a stock engine with emissions in mind. With a completely new engine setup, we apply a custom tune calibration to suit your exact setup, ensuring this caters to your specific performance goals & the age/condition of your engine.

Additionally, Subaru's ignition timing control strategy can create a slightly inconsistent and slightly jerky power band. A PBMS tune package will fix this and give you incredibly consistent, smooth and safe power.

Note: This is a physical service that must take place at Possum Bourne Motorsport in Pukekohe, Auckland. We require the vehicle for approx. 5 business days to complete this service thoroughly and often have a 2-4 week lead time so, please contact us prior to purchasing if you would like to confirm a time. If no time is confirmed prior to purchase you may not be able to get the date you required.

Benefits Stage 6 Power Package

  • Massively increased power and torque - typically 65kW / 38% more than stock through the whole power band
  • Improved throttle response
  • Significant increase in engine exhaust noise
  • A smoother power band and optimised drivability 
  • Tuned for current NZ fuels making for a safer and more reliable tune for modern fuel. See fuel rating information.
  • Removal of any fault codes for removed or disabled systems (typically emission control related - see air pump removal information)
  • Removal of any speed cuts (please request when dropping off)
  • Custom calibration on our in-house dyno to suit your engine, engine condition and any specific modifications or requests you may have. See the PBMS 9-Step Tuning Process.
  • Air pump removed de-clutters engine bay and makes changing spark plugs a much simpler proposition. 
  • Upgraded fuel pump and replacement fuel filter ensures your engine will get a consistent supply of fuel - crucial to produce safe power levels on vehicles older than 5 years as the fuel pumps begin to wear and flow reduces.
  • Upgraded fuel injectors upgraded with high-quality Injector Dynamics high-flow unit gives the ability to produce more power with stock-like drivability and fuel consumption (if you can control your right foot!)
  • Top feed fuel rail conversion allows fitment of high-quality & modern performance fuel injectors that out flow factory with improved control.


This is compatible with Subaru Legacy 2L single-turbo models from 2003 to 2009 only. We can offer this service on a huge range of vehicles, contact us if you can not find your vehicle using the vehicle selector.

Recommendations & Upgrade Options (Not included in price)

  1. We recommend completing any other modifications you desire BEFORE a PBMS Tune Package 
  2. We recommend the vehicle is serviced, maintained and in good working order prior to the PBMS Tune Package. PBMS can complete any additional work as required. PBMS can perform any service work required. If you are going to have the oil changed else-where, please contact us to choose the correct oil for a high-load performance application. 
  3. We recommend heat wrapping the downpipe to keep the steering and body of the vehicle protected from heat. Click here for pricing - includes labour.
  4. Consider upgrading to an EcuTek tune for additional tuning features. Click here for pricing.
  5. EcuTek Race Rom for features such as launch control, flat foot shifting & anti-lag (Included free of charge if EcuTek licence purchased with Stage 7 Package!). Additional Bluetooth ECUTEK ECU Connect kit can be used to adjust settings and monitor performance.
  6. E85 Flex Fuel upgrade package - includes installation and allows flex-fuel capability on the standard ECU, making the most possible power with E85 fuel.
  7. Before dyno run to give you a true power comparison against your stock power level. Click here for pricing.
  8. We recommend fitting a PBMS Baffled Sump (or similar) if using this extra power on a race-track or pushing hard on the back-roads to prevent engine damage. 
  9. We recommend the automatic transmission is serviced and equipped with an external oil cooler.
  10. Oil catch can or Air Oil separator to capture the oil vapours that occur as a result of the higher power levels produced. Click here for options.

Next steps (Not included in price)

Once you get a taste for power, you may find yourself wanting even more! We have developed a series of upgrade stages to allow you further performance upgrades. You can purchase the parts online to fit yourself or have PBMS fit the parts for you. Please note that every additional modification that changes the engine flow (intake or exhaust related) or fuel delivery (injectors or fuel pump) requires a re-tune to suit. 

The Stage 6 Package is at the limit of what a factory can produce. The next level would involve an E85 conversion or Turbocharger upgrade.

Stage 7 - Takes power and track capability to the next level with a Turbo upgrade and complete fuel system overhaul/

  • Stage 6 Plus the following
  • Radium Fuel Surge Tank with Integrated FRP & Walbro 450 Pump mounted in the engine bay
  • Radium FSTR mounting bracket
  • GTX3071R Turbocharger by GCG Turbos
  • PBMS Boost Control Solenoid
  • PBMS Spec Service as required when fitting a replacement turbocharger
  • Motul Sport 5w40 Engine oil designed for high-power modified street engines and genuine Subaru oil filter

Stage 8 - PBMS built engine + Twisted turbo system

Stage X - E85 Conversion (can be applied to any stage to increase power, torque and turbo response by approx. 15-25%)

Motorsport / Custom - We can customise a package to suit your performance and motorsport needs. Contact us to arrange a consultation today.

Header upgrade - The stock legacy headers are capable of supporting serious power whilst retaining response. If you wish to produce more than 350kw at the wheels, we recommend upgrading to aftermarket high-flow headers or STI twin scroll headers. Please note these do-not bolt up to the factory legacy turbo and will require custom modification to fit.  


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