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Vehicle wiring is another important part of a reliable and powerful car. Often over-looked in importance, it's the link between the power-producing engine and accurately controlling ECU. This means the wiring is critical in getting the signals, voltages, earthing, and ground references between the engine and ECU.

We have specialist electrical and wiring equipment, knowledge and experts on the team to perform a wide range of jobs.

Aftermarket ECU wiring

When seriously modifying an engine, an aftermarket or stand alone ECU is usually the best path to travel for engine control. We wire in the ECU in one of 3 ways:

  1. Basic header plug wiring: This is where we cut the factory ECU header plug off and terminate an aftermarket ECU connector. This is typically the cheapest method, but not suitable for all vehicles or applications.
  2. Loom replacement and factory integration: The most common service we perform is to remove the factory engine wiring harness and use a new wiring loom to suit the aftermarket ECU. This is integrated with the factory wiring as required to keep the rest of the vehicle running in the factory manner.
  3. Loom replacement and chassis loom replacement: This is typically reserved for full motorsport vehicles that want a full re-wire to reduce weight, complexity and improve reliability with a new vehicle harness.

Race dash wiring

Wiring repairs

As automotive experts, we're experienced in solving complex electrical problems.


Engine conversion wiring

Re-powers or engine conversions are a common place in the modified car scene. We're experience in wiring both factory and aftermarket ECUs to make these setups work.