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Possum Bourne Motorsport are performance car specialists with performance technicians and fully-equipped workshop can cater to the needs of your stock or modified performance vehicle. We specialise in Performance Japanese, European and Korean vehicles with a full range of diagnostic tools including VCDS for VAG vehicles. We can work on a wide range a vehicles including:

Subaru Audi
Toyota Volkswagen
Lexus SEAT
Nissan Skoda
Mazda Porsche
Mitsubishi Ford (Ecoboost range)
Kia Hyundai


As performance vehicle enthusiasts, the entire Possum Bourne Motorsport team appreciate your car is your pride and joy. We take the extra care, thought and attention when working on all aspects of your vehicle, be it performance or servicing and repair. 

Our managing director Patrick Frick gives insight into why you should choose Possum Bourne Motorsport for your Servicing and Repair needs. 

Performance car servicing packages

Service packages

Possum Bourne Motorsport strives to service your vehicle in line with the recommended specifications of your vehicle manufacturer, going above once special requirements such as performance, track-use and modifications are taken into account. Our regular service option is a 'PBMS Spec Service' as detailed below. 

PBMS Spec Service

Comprehensive vehicle inspection including all light operation, windscreen wipers and washers, battery - electrolyte level & terminals, drive belts, cooling system, power steering system, fuel system, steering and suspension components, tyres, driveshafts, brake systems, exhaust system, wheel bearings, air filter, pollen filter and power train components.  Vehicle test drive to assess engine performance and drivability, transmission operation, brake performance, steering control, and abnormal operation.  Replace engine oil, oil filter and oil sump washer. Adjust park brake as required, lubricate hinges and locks, top-up fluids and check for leaks, rotate wheels as required. Make any further recommendations for repair and maintenance resulting from the inspection.

Vehicle Type PBMS Spec Service Price*
Standard Performance Vehicle (Japanese)  From $319
Standard Performance Vehicle (European)  From $329
Modified Performance Vehicle (Japanese) From $339
Modified Performance Vehicle (European) From $349
Heavily modified Performance Vehicle (Japanese) From $399
Heavily modified Performance Vehicle (European) From $429

*Pricing includes up-to 5L of Quality Motul oil, a Genuine or Premium quality oil filter and regular consumables. Any specialised or additional oil, parts or work required is over and above and will be discussed with you at the time of the service.

Specialist Servicing

Every make, model and the specific vehicle can have their own servicing intervals and requirements. Contact our customer service specialists to discuss any specific servicing requirements you may have.

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Maintenance & Repair

Our performance technicians have an in-depth understanding of a vehicle's inner operations, generally far beyond that of a regular dealership/service mechanic. For this reason, our team have the ability to diagnose & repair faults and perform regular maintenance at a level above. 

Our maintenance & repair capability encompasses all regular and advanced services that commonly include:

  • Clutch replacement and upgrades
  • Cam-belt and water pump replacement
  • Brake replacement and upgrades
  • Suspension replacement and upgrades
  • Transmission servicing
  • Check engine light diagnostics
  • General vehicle diagnostics
  • Powersteering pump repairs and rebuilds
  • A wide variety of mechanical, electrical and specialist repair work
  • Carbon cleaning of internal engine components

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