Whiteline boasts a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer of replacement, enhancement and performance suspension components that deliver significant gains in vehicle balance, steering precision, grip levels and outright driving performance. 

Whiteline products are developed up by a qualified and willing engineering group of dedicated enthusiasts who are trained in the company's products and philosophy. Using a range of sophisticated testing and data logging tools, we rely on comprehensive testing to maximize the product benefits and ensure that they work as a complete package tuned to give you the best handling outcome. Whiteline has the products and practical experience to maximize the potential of your vehicle whether it be a daily driver, street performance or motorsport vehicle and guarantees a quality, tested and tuned outcome using Whiteline products.

Unique Suspension Products 

Whiteline is the only brand globally to market a full range of undercar chassis and suspension components that complements your spring and damper/ shock absorber set up. Simply, it is a tuned system and not a collective of various brands. We provide sway bar & lowering springs solutions. Browse through our different products online to find the best that suit your needs.

Activate More Grip 

Engineered to activate more grip for improved handling and outright performance, Whiteline products are rigorously tested on the track to provide unrivalled street performance!

No compromise 

Advanced designs, material technologies and extensive testing ensures minimal effects on ride quality and maximum effects on handling precision.


From automotive repair workshops to race teams, Whiteline offers proven product solutions to suspension and handling problems for many of the worlds vehicle platforms

If the sternest testing, continued pursuit of advancement, and the most dedicated engineering team is what you look for in suspension design and production, look no further than Whiteline.

Whitelines vast range covers anything from complete Vehicle Kit's to suit most Japanese and European performance vehicles to sway bars, bushings, lowering springs, braces, alignemnt correction kits and more. Possum Bourne Motorsport is Whiteline NZ Dealer and Online Distributor. 


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