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The best harmonic dampeners on the market

When you're pushing BIG power and spinning to HIGH RPM you NEED one of these!

Almost all engines have a harmonic dampener or balancer from factory, which is designed to absorb the vibrations that occur when the engine is running thanks to all of the reciprocating components.

Factory harmonic dampener/balancer

A factory balancer is only designed to be used on a factory engine, with factory engine components, and within standard operating limits. In almost all cases, you'll be fine to use a stock one on a reasonably modified engine, if it's in good condition and hasn't deteriorated with age.

IF you're looking to make big power, make significant changes to an engine's reciprocating components or increase the engines maximum RPM, you need something that is designed to operate under these conditions and absorb the additional vibrations and harmonics of a performance engine. 

Benefits of using a Fluidampr

  • Prolong engine bearing life
  • Reduce damage to a crank-driven oil pump
  • Reduce valve train harmonics
  • Prevent other damage associated with excessive vibration and harmonics

Fluidampr Harmonic Balancer

Why not just balance the bottom end?

We balance all of our big power builds and recommend you do the same. The process ensures all components are within specification and of equal weight, working to decrease harmonic vibrations. This reduces the work a dampener has to do, but it simply doesn't eliminate vibration completely. A high-quality harmonic balancer such as a Fluidampr will complete the puzzle and help to prolong the life of engine bearings and other components.

Do we use them?

You-bet-cha! We use Fluidamprs or ATI pulleys on all high-performance builds. We look at them as cheap insurance to know you're doing all you can to get reliability and longevity from your motorsport or big power engine. We'd typically use a Fluidampr when any of the following situations are met:

  • When an aftermarket crankshaft is being used 
  • When the engine is being revved more than 800rpm above the factory limiter
  • When the horsepower is increased by 100% or more
  • When the engine is being used under prolonged stress e.g. endurance motorsport
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