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Performance Engine Building

The engine is the heart of high performing Rally, Race or Road vehicle.

Possum Bourne Motorsport are experts in performance engine building and are experienced in a wide variety of Japanese Import Engines.

Developing engine building processes and techniques over the past 30 years, we have honed our skills on the thousands of tough-built Rally Engines over the years. We apply all of this knowledge to all performance engine builds for a long-lasting and high performing result.

Engine Building Services

  • Dialling in Camshafts (Accurate to within 0.5 degree)
  • Performance and Race engine design
  • Performance and Race engine building
  • Engine blue printing
  • Cylinder head porting and polishing
  • Standard engine reconditioning
  • Crankshaft polishing
  • PBMS Oil Gallery Modification (see bellow)
  • PBMS CNC Closed deck modification (see bellow)

PBMS Oil Gallery Modification

Having experience with Subaru EJ engines since production began in 1989, PBMS know all there is to know about them. An inherent weakness is the big-end bearing and lubrication design.

We have developed an engine building process that greatly improves EJ engine reliability, based on hundreds of motorsport engines built over two decades.

A key part in building a reliable EJ engine comes from the PBMS Oil Gallery Modification. Using insider knowledge, we modify a number of oil passages in an engines block to provide optimal oiling to the big end bearings.

PBMS Oil Gallery Modification – $599

CNC Closed Decking – Subaru EJ

Another weak point of Subaru engines can be the deck design. PBMS have developed and refined a solution with a CNC Closed Deck 2.5 and CNC Closed Deck 2.0.

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