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Author: Possum Bourne Motorsport  Date Posted:15 August 2022 

Everything you need to know about the latest ECU for the Subaru V11 platform. 

Do you have a Subaru V11 WRX, STI or S-GT and want to turn up the power or go racing? Make sure you know about the Link ECU WRXv11X first!

Before we explore the Link Plug-In ECU for modern Subarus, let's look at why we'd want to tune an engine and the options available.


Why Tune Your Subaru?

Tuning an engine can improve an engine's performance, by optimising the digital calibration on the ECU that controls many parts of the engine including the following parameters that are pivotal to producing power:

  1. Ignition timing (when the spark plugs are fired)
  2. Fuel injection (how much fuel is injected into the engine)
  3. Cam control (the position of the camshaft)
  4. Boost control (the amount of boost the turbo produces)
  5. Throttle control (the throttle response 
  6. SI-Drive on equipped vehicles (controls the torque requested of the engine depending on the mode)

All of the above factors can influence the torque, power, emissions, fuel consumption and drivability of the engine. An un-tuned factory ECU is calibrated to produce a reasonable level of reliable power while meeting strict emission standards.

A tune will allow optimisation for power and torque production to suit any modifications you may have made to your vehicle.

How Can you Tune your Subaru?

There are 3 main options for tuning a V11 Subaru:

  1. Have the Factory ECU custom tuned by a reputable tuning company like PBMS
  2. Use a Cobb AccessPort with a drop-in tune (only for the EJ257 in manual)
  3. Use an aftermarket ECU (like the Link WRXv11X) - see the next section for options


What aftermarket Plug-In ECU options are available for my Subaru?

A direct fit or 'Plug-In' ECU makes the installation of a new engine management system a simple procedure, particularly with a later-model Subaru that has CAN communication. The options for an aftermarket ECU for the V11 Subaru include:

All of these ECUs have unique advantages. The Link ECU has outstanding capabilities and is the best value, quickly becoming the upgrade of choice for our customers. If you'd like to discuss your requirements when choosing an ECU, please contact us. 


What are the advantages of an aftermarket ECU like the Link G4X over tuning the standard ECU?

  • Can tune using a speed-density or modelled fuel equation, allowing for removal of the MAF / Air Flow Meter
  • They are a more flexible and faster tuning platform
  • Motorsport functions such as anti-lag and launch control (2-step) can 
  • Safety functions can be set up to safeguard the engine against damage, particularly relevant if being used in a high-power or motorsport application
  • Vastly more tuners can tune on an aftermarket ECU than the complex factory ECU
  • CAN features such as digital dashes and key-pads can be used
  • Complete tunability with access to all parameters within the ECU unlike a factory ECU

What this means, is it's significantly easier to get a better result, producing more power and torque, improving drivability, more consistency and having a safer tune. 

Why the Link ECU WRXv11X 

We've been race prepping, modifying and tuning these Subarus since the pre-release version showed up at our shop in 2007. During this time, we've come to understand all of the options available and the needs of our customers. 

In our opinion, the large majority of street, high-power and motorsport focussed Subaru owners should choose a Link ECU like the WRXv11X, for the following reasons:

  1. They are the best value ECU in their class
  2. They are easy to get greats result from
  3. The plug-in nature makes them affordable and simple to install
  4. They are made right here in New Zealand

Click here to purchase the WRXv11X.

Click here to contact us to discuss if this ECU is right for you. 

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