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Performance Dyno Tuning

Performance Dyno Tuning an engine is the most critical piece in puzzle of performance. PBMS focus on providing a tune that optimises power, torque, drivability and economy. Using a PBMS developed 9-step tuning process we provide our customers with a thorough tune that is customised to your specific setup and requirements.

Without a quality dyno tune, your engine setup will never reach its potential.

What is Performance Dyno Tuning?

Performance Tuning is the process of making changes inside your vehicle’s ECU to improve the performance of your vehicle. A Dyno simulates a road, and allows our tuner to take the vehicle up to high speeds and put the vehicle under load in a safe environment.

Using a dyno is a must when tuning. There is no other accurate way of measure and optimising the tune. We measure every change to ensure you’re getting the best result possible.

2015 WRX STI in the PBMS Dyno cell.

Why do I need a Performance Dyno Tune?

There are a stack of benefits that will be customised to suit your vehicle and your needs. Simply, you need a Performance Dyno Tune to optimise the performance of your vehicle and ensure the ECU calibration is safe.

Benefits will vary depending on the application, but can include:

  • Increased power
  • Improved throttle response
  • Increased torque
  • A smoother power band
  • Improved fuel economy (if you can control your right foot!)
  • Optimised drivability
  • A safe tune that will prevent engine damage compared to a modified vehicle with no tune, or a poor tune.
  • Removal of any fault codes for removed or disabled systems (typically emission control related).

PBMS Tuning Services

Providing a quality result is at the top of our list, so ALL of our tunes are customised to perfectly suit your car, engine condition, your driving style and modification. No two engines are perfectly identical, so we take the time to perfectly match a tune to your car.

We use the PBMS 9-Step Tuning process to ensure the best result, regardless if your car is standard or highly modified!

Factory ECU Tuning

In most modern vehicles, the factory ECU can be re-calibrated to improve the engine’s tune. We can tune a wide variety of factory ECUs including:

  • Subaru Turbo Models – most from 2000 to current including DIT
  • Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ
  • Nissan R35 GTR 2007 – Current, 350Z, 370Z
  • Toyota Mk5 Supra 2019 - Current
  • BMW B58 
  • APR for VW, Audi, Skoda, Porsche, Seat, Lamborghini and Bentley
  • Mitsubishi Evolution 5 – 10 (Evolution 4 can be fitted with an Evolution 5+ ECU and tuned with a small modification)
  • Mazda 3 & Mazda 6 models (turbo and non-turbo)
  • Ford Focus ST, RS and Fiesta ST 
  • Mazda MX5, RX8, CX7, CX5
  • Selected Nissan ECUs using Nistune – Click here for more detail.
  • Other vehicles by special request.

Highly modified vehicles may require tuning that is beyond the capability of the factory ECU. We suggest you contact us during the planning phase of any performance build to discuss this.


A 2008 WRX STI with a PBMS Stage 6+ upgrade package tuned by reflashing the factory ECU.

Aftermarket ECU Tuning

We specialise in a range of quality aftermarket ECUs that we know will deliver a quality result.

A high power Evo 7 built and tuned by PBMS using a Link ECU G4+.Check out more details here.

What is a custom performance tune?

We ONLY do custom tuning. There are plenty of professional and not-so-professional people out there that do ‘mail order’ or standardised tune upgrades. These can give performance gains, however they can’t optimise every area of the tune without testing and improvement.

Whether your engine has modifications, or is completely standard, we approach the calibration of your vehicle as a one off for the following reasons:

  1. Engine condition – No two engines are in the exact same condition, so inevitably will flow and perform slightly differently. This can be compensated for in a custom tune.
  2. Safety monitoring – Mail order and standardised tuners don’t typically monitor air fuel ratio and detonation whilst tuning. They can be ‘in the ball-park’ or ‘close enough’. We don’t leave anything up to chance and monitor these important variables to ensure a safe result.
  3. Optimisation – Without custom tuning, it is impossible to get the absolute best result. Our 9-step process involves many tests to ensure the tune is optimised.
  4. Customised to suit the customer – We can take into account any needs or requests of the customer. This can be as simple as the boost level you’re wanting to run, or as fussy as the way you want the throttle to respond.
  5. Special features – some ECUs have the provision to add special functions such as launch control, antilag, additional safety limits and much, much more.

APR Software Upgrades

APR ECU and TCU Upgrades recalibrate your engine or transmission controller to deliver more power, rev higher, shift faster, accelerate faster, improve performance, and improve the overall driving experience. Essentially both upgrades are software that installs on your vehicle’s factory computer. The software controls the way the engine, or transmission operates. These upgrades are commonly referred to as a tune, remap, calibration, chip upgrade, reflash, reburn, or one of several other names. They are among the first modifications you should consider for your vehicles as they deliver the most impactful difference you can feel and measure for the money.

Things to consider when preparing for a tune

There’s a number of things to consider when preparing your car for a tune. Take a look at our list of Tuning considerations.

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