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History of Possum Bourne Motorsport

Possum Bourne Motorsport (PBMS) was started when rally legend and founder, Possum Bourne started getting serious about the sport and picked up Subaru as a sponsor. From humble beginnings, it was just a group of kiwi mates working in a shed after hours building and preparing rally cars.

As Possum became more serious about the sport, so did his rally team, and it quickly grew into a workshop with employees. In its peak, PBMS had 27 staff across multiple countries, who worked around the clock to build, run and repair race and rally cars both in New Zealand and abroad.

Running Possum and other world class drivers, PBMS has had immense rally and motorsport success - a team that is unrivalled in historic championship wins.

Building on the success of rallying, PBMS expanded into other forms of motorsport and then to road-going performance vehicles.