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Author: Julius Bloem  Date Posted:11 April 2022 

If you’ve been around performance or motorsport vehicles for any length of time, chances are you’ve heard of the legendary “ID” Injectors, or as they’re more formally known - Injector Dynamics. 

Injector Dynamics: World Leaders In Performance Fuel Injection

Considering purchasing a set of high-performance fuel injectors? You MUST read this article and become familiar with Injector Dynamics first. 

Introduction to Injector Dynamics

If you’ve been around performance or motorsport vehicles for any length of time, chances are you’ve heard of the legendary “ID” Injectors, or as they’re more formally known - Injector Dynamics. 

To put it simply, they’re the Industry-standard thanks to their quality, performance, consistency, and complete data making them a favourite with tuners. 


Injector Dynamics is the brainchild of two motorsport Industry stalwarts, Paul Yaw (Yawpower Products) & Tony Palo (T1 Race Development). Individually, these gentlemen are both highly respected leaders and innovators. As a combined force they bring Injector-specific experience and real-world tuning knowledge together. The result is an unparalleled product. 

Tony Palo (Left) talks to Andre Simon from High Performance Academy


The famed ID1000 (1000cc) and ID2000 (2200cc) injectors were game-changers when they exploded onto the performance aftermarket scene in the early 2010s. At the time, they provided a huge step-up from the dated technology that most companies were using at the time.

The ethos for technological improvement can be found on Injector Dynamic’s own website: 

“Technology is more than a buzzword. It is the means to increase power, to improve drive-ability, to simplify the tuning process.”

“At Injector Dynamics, we are proud of our position as the technological leader, and proud of our ability to function at the same high level as the auto manufacturers.”

These injectors became the starting point for further advancements in injection technology, resulting in the XDS range we use today. 

The alternatives to Injector Dynamics

As a performance parts specialist and pro-tuning shop, Possum Bourne Motorsport has been exposed to a wide range of injector brands over the last 25+ years. It’s safe to say that injector and engine management technology has transformed over this time, making it much easier to make safe, consistent, and drivable power. 

The progress in our industry has been similar to that of the IT industry - no one uses a computer or mobile that is more than a couple of years old - so why would you trust an old computer or injector to do the best job of running an expensive high-performance engine?

Here’s a quick list of some common performance injectors we’ve seen or tuned over the years:

Side Feed Fuel Injectors

  • Sard
  • HKS
  • JECS
  • DeatschWerks
  • Denso

Top Feed Fuel Injectors

  • Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC)
  • Bosch
  • Bosch Motorsport
  • Xspurt
  • Siemens
  • DeatschWerks

What makes Injector Dynamics Different from the rest?

Designed for motorsport use

Most injectors that are marketed to the performance industry aren’t specifically designed for that purpose. Generally, they fall into one of the following categories:

  • OEM fuel injectors (typically with a large capacity)
  • Modified OEM fuel injectors (modified to increase fuel flow)
  • Injectors designed for use with ‘other’ fuels (e.g. CNG)

The downfall of these injectors is that their performance is compromised when being used for a purpose other than intended.

Injector Dynamics have been designed specifically for high-performance and motorsport engines. 

Many injector brands and re-sellers claim they are the ‘same’ as Injector Dynamics, but this is simply untrue.

Combined Expertise with Bosch Motorsport

Injector Dynamics are the only aftermarket injector company that have developed a product direct with the manufacturer: Bosch Motorsport.

The partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport was formed to combine the unique abilities of two industry leaders, and offer the resulting technology to a new breed of racers.

From import vs domestic drags, to time attack and airport racing, these high boost alcohol fueled engines exceed the capabilities of re-purposed production car parts, creating the need for a purpose built high flow motorsport injector.

Compatibility With all Automotive Fuels

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of X (and XDS) Series ID injectors is their compatibility with all automotive fuel. All internal components are made from corrosion-resistant materials, making them suitable for all fuels including petrol, ethanol (E85 & E100) and methanol.

The corrosion resistance has the added benefit of improving long-term consistency when being used with corrosive fuels.

This is one of the key evolutions of the X and XDS series injectors over the original ID1000 and ID2000 injectors that had known issues when used with corrosive fuels like E85 / Ethanol. 

Data for setup and tuning

This is the bit your tuner will thank you for. 

Injector Dynamics has the most comprehensive and accurate injector data available on the market. The end result will be a vehicle that is easier to tune with greater consistency in fuel delivery once the tuning process is complete. This will have a direct impact on performance and drivability. 

Injector Dynamics provides generic Injector Data and ECU-specific data for the following ECU platforms:

  1. Universal Injector Data
  2. GM OEM (Holden/Chevrolet/Pontiac etc)
  3. Ford OEM
  4. Chrysler OEM
  5. COBB Subaru
  6. COBB R35 GTR
  7. MoTeC M1
  8. Holley EFI
  9. Haltec
  10. Megasquirt
  11. AEM Infinity
  12. Link ECU
  13. Mazda RX-8

Current Range

At the time of writing this article, Injector Dynamics has 4 key injectors, ranging from 1065cc to a whopping 2600cc. These injectors are available in both generic and vehicle-specific versions. 

You can shop the whole range of injectors here

  • The ID1050-XDS flows 1065cc at 3 bar
  • The ID1300-XDS flows 1335cc at 3 bar
  • The ID1700-XDS flows 1725cc at 3 bar
  • The ID2600-XDS flows 2600cc at 3 bar

Shop Injector Dynamics at Possum Bourne Motorsport. 

How to select the Injector size for you?

Selecting an injector size that will suit your application will require having a clear plan for your engine package from the outset. 

Injector Dynamics have a calculator on their website that can help you do decide the best injector for your power level and application. 

You can also use our quick reference guide designed to give you an approximation of the injector you may wish to select based on the number of cylinders, fuel type and desired power output at the engine. 


4 Cylinder

6 Cylinder

8 Cylinder




































This table is based on fuel flow at 3bar on a turbocharged engine, with power measured at the engine (as opposed to power at the wheels/hubs). We recommend confirming injector sizing with your tuner before purchasing any injectors as there are a wide range of fuel system, engine and tuning factors that can alter fuel requirements. 

An injector that has reached 90% duty cycle can become inconsistent and dangerous. To maintain a good safety margin, we recommend a maximum duty cycle of around 80%.

Often Imitated, never duplicated

With such a strong reputation in the world of fuel injection - you’ll see plenty of other brands trying to imitate ID, often saying they offer the same, or an equivalent quality product. 

Unfortunately for the purchasers of such products, this is simply not the case. There are no other brands that are as developed, with the same quality data and ongoing support. 

Get the best injectors for your car

Simply put, if you want the best fuel injector - you need to look no further than Injector Dynamics.

Contact us if you need any help selecting an injector for your application. Shop Injector Dynamics at Possum Bourne Motorsport.

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