PBMS Air Pump Delete Kit for 2005+ Subarus

Includes 2x PBMS Block off plates to block off open ports at the back of cylinder head. 

How to get rid of your Subaru's Secondary Air Pump

Having trouble with your Subaru’s Air Pump? You’re not alone, it’s one of the most common problems we see on 2005+ Subarus. You may also want to de-clutter your engine bay and removing the air pump system will make your engine easier to work on and provide a cleaner look.

Subaru Air pump on a 2019 WRX STI

The air pump component of the secondary air pump system in a 2020 WRX STI.

Is there a simple fix? 

There certainly is. This article includes all the details you need to know about the Subaru Air Pump system, but if you just want to know what the fixes are, scroll right to the bottom.

What are the symptoms?

The first and often only symptom you will notice is the check engine light illuminated on your dashboard. This is an indication that the Engine Control Unit (ECU) has detected an issue within the electronic engine components that it monitors. To diagnose what the detected fault is, you will need to have your ECU scanned, usually by a professional workshop or by using a DIY scan tool. The next section has a list of Air Pump Fault codes and their meaning.

When the check engine light is illuminated, the ECU runs in a 'limp home' or safe mode which may cause the following symptoms:

  • Lack of power
  • Unable to select Sports Sharp (S#) mode on SI-drive equipped vehicles
  • Excessive fuel consumption

Other less typical symptoms you may experience with a failing secondary air pump may include:

  • Grinding or whining noise from the air pump
  • High pitched sucking or blowing noise from the air pump piping
  • Erratic vehicle power after initial start-up.

Air Pump Fault codes

There are a range of fault codes that indicate an issue with your secondary air pump system. The fault code and the fault meanings are listed below:

  • P0410 – Secondary Air Pump System 
  • P0413 – Secondary Air Pump A Open 
  • P0414 – Secondary Air Pump A Shorted
  • P0418 – Secondary Air Pump Relay A
  • P2432 – Secondary Air Pump Circuit Low
  • P2433 – Secondary Air Pump Circuit High
  • P2441 – Secondary Air Pump Valve 1 Stuck Closed
  • P2444 – Secondary Air Pump 1 Stuck on B1

You can find our complete article here. 



Brand PBMS
Shipping Weight 0.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.010m
Shipping Length 0.050m
Shipping Cubic 0.000025000m3

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