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Possum Bourne - New Zealand's Rallying Hero

Possum Bourne is one of the most legendary names in New Zealand motorsport history.

Born in 1956, Peter 'Possum Bourne grew up on a farm south of Auckland. From a young age he took a liking to anything that moved and had wheels. Starting with a matchbox car collection, then graduating to the farm tractor, there was no doubt where he was heading. After leaving school at 15 to start an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic, he crashed his mum's car avoiding a Possum on the road and gained a nick name that would become synonymous in years to come.

Possum found his passion for Motorsport, specifically Rallying after co-driving with a friend. Soon after, he got involved with the Pukekohe car club, and purchased his first race car - a Mk1 Ford Cortina which had been upgraded with a V8.

Possum's next weapon was an RX3 coupe, in which he started to create a name for himself. In 1983, Possum joined forces with Subaru, taking out the GP A Rally of New Zealand and forging a relationship that would continue for two decades.



In the mid 80s, Possum got serious and took on Rallying as a full time job with a workshop and a bunch of mates - this is where Possum Bourne Motorsport started.

Finding pace in the RS Legacy and then the WRX Impreza, Possum went from strength to strength, becoming an icon of Rally in New Zealand and Australia with his sideways style and infectious attitude.

Possum's winning record is unparalleled in New Zealand's motorsport history:

Years won Event
1991 New Zealand Rally Championship
1992 Australian Rally Championship (Group N)
1993-1994, 2000 Asia-Pacific Rally Championship
1996-2002 Australian Rally Championship
1989, 1991, 2000 Ashley Forest Rally Sprint
2001 Race to the Sky
2002 Hokkaido Rally Japan
2002 Rally New Zealand (Group N)

Possum is remembered as more than just a world-class driver, but as a down to earth bloke, a real good sort.

Possum Bourne Motorsport strives to remember Possum's legacy, and give back to today's car community in the same way Possum did.