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Performance Upgrades

With a fully equiped facility, our expert team can create a Performance Upgrade package that will suit you. We take pride in offering a complete and professional drive in & out service to cater to any need or budget.

We can perform a wide variety of vehicle enhancements as simple as fitting bolt-on parts, right through to full custom part development and engineering.

Bolt-on upgrades

Our team of motorsport technicians are experts in fitting performance parts. We regularly fit a wide range of bolt on parts from simple intake and exhausts, through to larger turbos, intercoolers and fuel system upgrades.

Custom upgrades

Can't get what you want as a bolt-on upgrade, or it won't fit? We are specialists at custom modification and regularly build complete custom setups for big power. To do this, we have a fabrication department equiped with the welders and machinery to build custom parts.

Dyno Tuning

With an in-house Dyno Tuning facility and full-time tuner, we can calibrate and tune most OEM and Aftermarket ECUs to take control of your engine and improve the efficiency, torque, power and response of your setup. Find out more here!

Upgrade Packages

If you're looking for a drive in and drive out performance increase, then an upgrade package is for you. We have packages from a stage 1 (10% increase in power), right through to customised packages where power gains can exceed 100%!

Contact the PBMS team to discuss an upgrade package that will suit your needs today.